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Grace Kelly was often portrayed as an icy blonde, embodying elegant, sophisticated style, particularly in the Alfred Hitchcock films that she starred in.  She embodied the quintessential Hitchcock heroine, the cool blonde with impeccably tailored style.  A former model, Kelly was knowledgeable of fashion and knew what flattered her.  She was among the first to wear what is now considered the American Preppy look, which was relaxed and stylishly casual, yet ladylike, understated, and well put together.  I wonder if she would have been a fan of Ralph Lauren?  What you have to appreciate about her is that she was naturally beautiful and her style seemed effortlessly chic.  So many of the pieces that she wore could still be worn today and look extremely fashionable.  Not to mention that her style continues to inspire designers and fashion lovers everywhere!

As a side note, check it out J, she is yet another actress with phenomenal eyebrows!  Also, thank you CC for suggesting that Grace Kelly deserved her own post separate from the 50s style icons – you were right.

I think that this series of seemingly candid shots is beautiful!

I was surprised, frankly, to come across a bikini photo but it is stunning in a non-overtly sexual way…

How much do I love this look?  A lot, I have to say – the neckline is fantastic and I love the flow of the skirt.  Also, I have a feeling that if I could see her close up, I think that she might have on an awesome necklace.  I have a feeling that I should be watching some old Grace Kelly films…

It is impossible to forget a wedding picture,not just because she married a prince but because of the impact her wedding style still has today and the similarities to Kate Middleton’s wedding dress last year when she married Prince William.  Perhaps designer Sarah Burton was inspired by the beautiful Princess Grace, after all, what designer wouldn’t be?  Regardless, both dresses are astoundingly beautiful and to all those who didn’t think that Kate’s dress had enough bling, I think that the quality of the lacework is more beautiful than any beading could have been but that’s just an opinion.

Grace Kelly Vs Kate Middleton

10th Wedding Anniversary = gorgeous!  I am so in love with this look!  It’s so 1960s!

I think that this is such a great, natural photo – she looks gorgeous, naturally but she also looks genuinely happy.  I love the braided updo!

With Frank Sinatra in “High Society

In these pictures, you can see her carrying the much coveted Hérmes “Kelly” bag which is still fashionable today.

I think that she looks effortlessly stylish walking her dog…

Again, some natural looking yet gorgeous pictures.  I might have a new girl crush…






“Rear Window” inspired fashion:

LBD from “Rear Window”


Also pretty amazing, the Grace Kelly Barbie collection.  All that I can say is that I would have loved to have had this wardrobe for my dolls way back when!

Barbie for the Grace Kelly Collection – (03)