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Victoria Beckham Spring/Summer 2012

This collection appears to be Mod inspired, from the colouring blocking, to the hats and the silhouette of the swing dresses.  The overall collection, I would say is sportier than the dresses I associate with her designs, however, some of the dresses still have the curve hugging lines for which she is famous.  I thought that it was interesting that the body conscious dresses were shown over the leather leggings.  It does add a different element, though I find it perhaps a look I would associate with fall/winter.  For me, the touches of white put me more in mind of warmer weather, particularly in the more flowing fabrics.

I started this post since I’ve seen so many celebrities wearing her dresses in magazines and on the red carpet and because I usually really like the style.  I have a feeling that fashion is truly Victoria Beckham’s passion and that we will continue to see more of her clothing and that it will only improve over time.

Victoria Beckham Spring Summer 2012

VB Spring/Summer 2012 Denim Collection.  To me, this is a light, casual collection, very much 60s Mod influenced.  Some of these look like something Zooey Deschanel would wear.

A prior season of VB collection, with the form fitting silhouette that is associated with the line.

I love that Victoria Beckham is the best ambassador of her own collection.  She is ridiculously thin but you have to appreciate her impeccable sense of style, especially when she wears her own designs.  More and more celebrities have been wearing her dresses on the red carpet and, generally speaking, they always look great.  The designs seem to flatter a woman’s body which says a great deal about the tailoring and construction of the designs.

Drew Barrymore – I wish that she had shortened her dress to below the knee like Victoria’s.  It’s such an awkward length here but the colour is fantastic.

Selita E. Banks, she’s a Victoria’s Secret model so it’s not surprise that she looks terrific in the dress.


From the Spring/Summer 2010 Collection – as you can see, many celebrities in 2010 jumped on the VB bandwagon, even wearing the same dress! It’s impressive that the dress works so well on different body types.

Spice Girls Melanie C. and Victoria Beckham – I love the dress so much more on Victoria though this might be attributed to her proficiency at being photographed at great angles.

Now, this dress, I would say is a bit more difficult to wear and I would stay away from it as a curvy girl.  It does make the waist look small, which is fantastic but that ruffle on the hip could be challenging to pull off if you’ve already got the curves.  This would be perfect for someone with a more angular figure to add curves.  See Victoria herself at the far left.

Brooke Shields, Elle MacPherson and Victoria Beckham all look great in the same dress.

Gwyneth Paltrow tends to like simple lines and she looks great in VB’s designs.


Heidi Klum looks fantastic here but you can see that Victoria is working some extra feminine accessories to amp up the ladylike style.  I have to marvel at how this dress can make even Victoria look curvy!

Cameron Diaz – I prefer the metallics on her.  I think that the nude is just a bit too pale for her but I like the style and fit of the dress itself.  She and Gwyneth Paltrow have the perfect body for these dresses as they lend them a curvier silhouette.

Oprah Winfrey – I’m not sure that this is the dress I would choose to put Oprah in since the extra material around the hips can add weight but I like the general idea of it.

Jennifer Nettles looks awesome in this dress.  It might be argues that she looks better than the model…I like it a lot, it’s such an interesting design.

Erin Wasson – she’s a model so she can pull off the overall sleek, light reflective material really well.  I love the lines of the dress with the strong shoulder, which I think could be flattering on a curvy figure, just in another material.

Danni Minogue – I like the long gown the best.  I am not sure what is wrong with the fit of the navy dress but the neck looks awkward.  I also think that the hem needed to come up a bit…

Jennifer Garner and Jessica Biel – I think that this was from a magazine shoot and I could not find a full length shot.  I am sure that they would look incredible in these dresses though, since both ladies are extremely fit.  I love the colours and both are still trendy hues two years later…

Again, Victoria working the pose.  I like this dress, too.  It looks like something that Angelina Jolie would and should wear.

Victoria and Cameron Diaz.  I love how Cameron has it styled off the shoulder.

Katherine Heigl – I think that she looks gorgeous here.  I love this dress on her, I like everything about it.  I love the tailored, ladylike style.

Katherine Heigl

Portia De Rossi – I love this one, as well.  I like the colour and the fit and I like the neckline here, which I didn’t like on Danni Minogue.

Iman – she’s incredibly ageless and beautiful.  She looks fantastic here.  I like the colour on her, with the make-up and I really like how she accessorized with the gold belt.

Jenny McCarthy.  This one would be a difficult silhouette for many but it works for Jenny.  I love the colour on her.  I’m not crazy over the bootie, which sometimes I love and sometimes I just don’t get.  I feel that it looks heavy here…

Courtney Cox Arquette – I think that she looks lovely.  I like the waist detail and I like her earrings.

Kate Winslet, who I think is gorgeous.  I like this dress but I prefer her in something with a more open neckline, I think.  This is just a bit too covered up, though I’m sure that there is probably some sort of back cutout detail.

Danni Minogue. This is so much better on her than the navy dress from before, though I still think that it’s too long.  The strapless works so much better on her.

Madonna – I think that I might like the top half but I’m not crazy over what appears to be a very sheer skirt.

Kate Winslet – I do really like this look on her, it creates an hour glass figure and the back is very sexy.  She’s pretty fabulous.