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This particular post was requested by one of my best friends who also loves make-up and changing up hair colour!  Katy Perry is a skilled singer/songwriter of some extremely catchy and popular songs.  She is also known for styling herself after a cartoon character/ retro styled pin up.  Naturally blonde, she has sported many different shades of hair colour, from dark to light and shades of blue, purple and pink in between.  Her style seems to be more about sexy fun in a tongue in cheek manner, so while she does wear some very small articles of clothing, she doesn’t appear to take herself too seriously.  She gives the impression that yes, she’s sexy but she’s also smart and has a sense of humour.  One thing about Katy Perry is that even if you don’t like what she’s doing regarding her style, she is definitely interesting and rarely boring.  She’s beautiful but her style makes her unconventional.

In addition to lots of cleavage, short dresses and hot pants, she has also been wearing a lot of rubber dresses in bright colours and patterns.  She tends to emphasize her eyes with her make-up, using fake eyelashes, lots of mascara and liner, usually drawn into a cat’s eye.  I would say that she generally favours shades of pink lipstick, though she does wear shades of red, as well.  Her overall image is very confectionary, with lots of candy coloured hues in her wardrobe and accessories (including hair and make-up).  When she is not playing the part of a cartoon character, she tends to evoke old Hollywood style pin ups.  I hate to use Tyra Banks’ words but Katy Perry is pretty fierce and fearless in her style.  It takes a lot of courage and confidence to go all out the way that she does.

It is pretty clear why Sesame Street decided not to air this clip of Perry singing with Elmo.  Her top appears to be a trifle small.  I’m pretty sure that, while my niece can see cleavage on all of the other channels on tv, she doesn’t need to see it on Sesame Street.

Bright blue hair

Shades of lavender hair

Katy Perry makeup at 2011 American Music Awards

Katy Perry 2011 pink Hair-3

Red-Blonde and, not only was she the voice of Smurfette in the live action “Smurfs” movie, she apparently also chose to wear a dress with the character on it.

An inspiring InStyle magazine photo shoot – I love the retro styling and the lavender hair!

ET video style and makeup – the video is fascinating, naturally, since it is directed by Floria Sigismundi and features some fantastic alien makeup.

Pixiwoo tutorial Dita Von Teese inspired – it’s a classic pin up look so it would also work for Katy Perry if you are interested:

A more classic look but with bubblegum pink lipstick

Pixiwoo make-up tutorial inspired by Katy’s “Hot ‘n Cold” video