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What can I say about Kate Winslet?  I like her a lot and, as my best friend says, I think that we could be friends with her.  She is a supremely talented actress and was the youngest person to be nominated six times for an Academy Award, yet she comes across as a fairly normal, down to earth person.  She is very beautiful and I admire how confident she is about herself and how at ease she is in her own skin.  While clearly very fit and far from being overweight, she is not a typical size zero actress and she is quite outspoken about the pressures to be thin and the images that are presented to young women.

I think that a lot of people fell in love with her watching “Titanic” and, to some degree, we have all grown up together.  Kate has had some style mishaps over the years but I would say that over the last ten years she and her style team have learned to achieve the classically glamorous look consistently.

This picture must have been taken from around the “Titanic” period:

Academy Awards 2009 in Yves Saint Laurant.  She won the Best Actress Award.  I love the steely grey colour and the jewelry is stunning.  I wish that her hair were just a little less stiff though.  She was working a bit of a Grace Kelly vibe I think that night.

Beautiful light coloured make-up here with strong brows and black liner.

I love her earrings in this one

She looks like a California blonde in this one

Kate Winslet

2002 Academy Awards in Ben de Lisi

She just looks soft and beautiful here.  I love the simple ponytail, hoop earrings and pretty make-up.

Kate Winslet

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2009 SAG Awards in Narcisco Rodriguez.  I really love this blue and the silhouette is beautiful on her.

2011 Emmy Awards in Ellie Saab.  I really like this dress, I think that it is extremely flattering.

In Victoria Beckham

Kate Winslet wearing Victoria Beckham dresses

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Vanity Fair photo shoot inspired by Catherine Deneuve in “Belle du Jour”

Kate Winslet Semi Nude Vanity Fair Photo Shoot with Steven Meisel

Harpers Bazaar UK (following 2 photos by Tom Munro).  I just think that the styling is beautiful and I love, love the strong, exaggerated liner with the pale pink lips.

Kate Winslet by Tom Munro Forever Chic Harper s Bazaar UK November 2011 3 Forever Chic | Kate Winslet for <em>Harpers Bazaar UK</em> November 2011 Tom Munro November 2011 Kate Winslet Harpers Bazaar UK Forever Chic

Channeling Elizabeth Taylor for V Magazine Fall 2011

Currently, she is a spokesmodel for luxury brand, St. John


She also also a model for Lancome and while it’s true that these are extremely well lit, styled and, undoubtedly, airbrushed, they are some beautiful photos.

2012 Golden Globe Awards in Jenny Packham