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Since I loved Emma Stone‘s Golden Globes look this year and I absolutely loved last year’s Golden Globes style, I decided that she deserved her own post.  She is a very funny and talented young actress and yes, she’s beautiful, too.  I know that she is a natural blonde but I love her red hair.  That said, I loved the blonde, too.  It may be because I have alternated my own hair between the two shades…Anyway, back to Emma, I feel that from a style standpoint, she is always interesting and I admire that she (and her stylists) go for a complete look.  Her hair and make-up are always gorgeous and she is constantly changing things up and being adventurous with her style, which is enjoyable.  It seems as though she has fun with fashion, which is great since she is so young and I like that she seems to be so at ease with herself.  Without question, she is one to watch on the red carpet!

From what I’ve seen, she’s been wearing a lot of Lanvin on the red carpet and she is making me really like their designs.

Golden Globes 2012 in Lanvin

I love this look, the retro wavy hair, the red lip and I think that the green earrings are fantastic!

She loves liquid liner, too!

Calvin Klein at the Golden Globes 2011

I absolutely love this look on her, it’s so simple and sleek and the make-up is soft and peachy.  I wish that I could duplicate it.  Strangely enough she makes me alternate between wanting to have ultra blonde hair and auburn hair – how does one decide?

in Pucci at the 2010 MVAs – a rock and roll look complete with a dark smokey eye

Emma Stone - MTV VMAs 2010 Red Carpet

in Lanvin at the 2011 BAFTAs – I love the bold colour choice with the blonde hair

Emma Stone: BAFTAs 2011 Red Carpet

This look must be Brigitte Bardot inspired with a more modern take on the hair and the strong cat’s eye

I really like the dark auburn hair she has in this picture, it makes her skin look amazing and her eyes stand out.

Purple smokey eyes.  I think that her hair looks more copper in this one.

Emma Stone-GQ Men Of the Year Party

emma stone red carpet pretty dress bright red lipstick 205x300 Emma Stone freaked out by Golden Globe nomination

2011 MVAs in Bottega Veneta- this is just so feminine and pretty.  This is how a person can dress sexy – the dress is very short and it’s lace – yet still look demure and ladylike.  Well done to Emma and her stylist.

2011 Lanvin.  This is a similar style to the Lanvin gown she wore at the 2012 Golden Globes so obviously she likes this style.  I do, as well, though initially I wasn’t sure if I like the gold dress.  At first I thought that it was too long or something but I have decided that I think that I like it.  I like the overall golden-toned look that she was going for and the layered gold tones of the dress with the accessories is quite striking.

This must be 2011 since she is blonde here – I love this dress and I like her hair and make-up.

I like her make-up in the below picture.  I know that it’s a strong eye but I like the peachy tones.  I wish I could tell what the other shades were – browns or plums?

At the “Easy A” premiere – I think that I read that the dress is Chanel. It’s beautiful, very short and very sequined but it looks youthful and appropriate on her.  Unlike some other young actresses, she seems to make great style choices.  Whoever her stylist is, they are gifted but kudos also must go to the actress herself because her style choices seem to reflect her personality and she seems comfortable in her own skin.  She does not seem like she is trying too hard to be sexy or glamorous, she just is who she is and that is refreshing and admirable.

She is also a new model for Revlon and looks gorgeous in this ad – loving the peach lipstick!