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Personally, I love when magazine have photo shoots inspired by style icons of years past.  I particularly enjoy when the make-up artist or stylist references someone that I’m not familiar with, probably because I enjoy the internet search and becoming acquainted with a new muse but also because I am fascinated by how others perceive beauty.

I’m not a particular fan of westerns but I sat through the entirety of “Once Upon a Time in the West”, a Sergio Leone film, and enjoyed it, due in no small part to Claudia Cardinale, an Italian ’60s bombshell.  As amused as I was by the very much of the time make-up, the lady makes dust and sweat look sexy, that and I was a bit obsessed with her hair colour in the film…


Claudia Cardinale

Brigette Bardot, famed French bombshell, made bedhead look deliciously sexy but also effortless, a fact that we all know is not the case.  It takes a lot of back combing and teasing to achieve hair that fabulous.  I suspect that Pamela Anderson tries to emulate her but if anyone comes close to resembling her, it has to be ’90s supermodel Claudia Schiffer.

This hair tutorial uses hair extensions but she provides some great back combing technique, even if you wanted to do without the extensions, so get your teasing comb and hairspray ready:

Claudia Schiffer and Bardot:

Catherine Deneuve‘s “Belle du Jour” is often referenced in magazines and this is why:

And still gorgeous:

I did not know that she was also the face of Chanel for a time:

Make-up collections have been inspired by her style in the film (Nars Summer 2010 collection for one) and many a magazine fashion shoot, here’s one from Harper’s Bazaar with Kate Winslet:

Sophia Loren rose to fame in the late 1950s but became extremely popular in the 1960s.  She is the most awarded Italian actress .


Loren as a renascence princess

Sex Godess

I think that Sophia Loren looks like 1990s supermodel Linda Evangelista in this next picture:

Fashion chameleon, Linda Evangelista, looking very much like Loren:

Linda Evangelista

Pixiwoo make-up tutorial inspired by Sophia Loren:

If you haven’t seen “Dreamgirls” it is very good and the performances are fantastic.  Without question, Beyonce’s character, Deena, is inspired by Diana Ross, whose style was all that was fantastic and fabulous in that era and well into the 1970s.  She was known, obviously, for incredible hair and eyelashes, in addition to her musical talent.  She has inspired generations, notably Whitney Houston, Beyonce and recently, Lady Gaga.

Beyonce in “Dreamgirls”

Diana Ross and Lady Gaga:

Twiggy 1960s mod.  Twiggy is said to be the first size zero model, which ushered in a huge change in what was perceived as fashionable, from voluptuous, womanly curves to a more androgynous, gamine and playful style.

Pixiwoo Twiggy inspired make-up tutorial:

Mary Quant, Welsh fashion designer, popularized the mini skirt and hot pants, both of which are synonymous with the 1960s.  Quant was instrumental in the Mod fashion movement, as seen above in the Twiggy pictures.  Bold patterns, patterned stretch stockings, knee high lace-up boots, sweater dresses, etc. became known as the “London Look”.  The Mod style can still be seen today in current designers continue to be influenced by what was then a trend.  I don’t think that mini skirts are ever going to go away…

Morris Mini Car 1960

Mary Quant 1960s Fashions

More recent Mod trends:

Zooey Deschanel models for Rimmel, very much emulating “the London Look”:

Pixiwoo 1960s Mod inspired make-up:

Mia Farrow, with her Vidal Sassoon haircut

Cutting her hair off for Roman Polanski’s “Rosemary’s Baby” was a game-changer and the pixie cut remains popular still.

Emulated by:

Carey Mulligan

Fluffy Pixie Haircut with Messy Curl Bangs. Great for Young Age Look Hairstyle.

Emma Watson

Michelle Williams

Diana Rigg as Mrs. Peel “The Avengers”

Keira Knightly channeling the Avengers in a Chanel ad:

Tippi Hedren in Alfred Hitchcock’s “The Birds”

Jacqueline Kennedy, known for her elegance, as well as her Chanel suits…

For those wondering where Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn are within this post, they each have their own…