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Who doesn’t love Marilyn Monroe?  She has become a bit of a tragic figure, a morality tale of the perils of fame.  Yet, she has to be one of the most recognizable icons in pop culture.  She played naive, the innocent minded blonde bombshell, sexy and sensual, funny and heartbreakingly sad, seemingly all at the same time.  Her image is often duplicated but we all know that it can never be more than an homage or pale imitation since there can be no one quite like her.  She is and was the quintessential glamour icon.

The famous dress:

Marilyn Monroe

I am loving the earrings in this next photo:

The below photo looks like it was Monroe when she was still Norma Jean:

Marilyn Monroe at the Beach

Marilyn Monroe in a 1953 image

I think that this one is from the last movie that she was filming when she died, clearly she was quite small at that time…

Marilyn Monroe

She was seemingly as gorgeous without make-up as she was with it, she just seems so much more relate-able without it.  Also making her distinctly human, all of the ups and downs in her life, from her family life, to her love life, to her weight; everything in her life was inconstant.

Imitation as flattery?  I think that the intention is generally well-intentioned.  IN many ways, her style is so classically sexy that it is difficult to not want to emulate the strong eyeliner and red lips.  Many pop stars have put their spin on the Marilyn mystique, including Madonna, Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Paris Hilton, and Lindsay Lohan (in Playboy, no less).  Mariah Carey idolizes Marilyn so much that she named her daughter, Monroe.  Anna Nicole Smith was obsessed with her, Megan Fox had a tattoo of her on the inside of her arm:

and Angelina Jolie was in “Life or Something Like It” where she was very clearly styled like Marilyn.

Angelina Jolie was styled like Marilyn Monroe when she played the role as Lanie Kerrigan in the movie 'Life or Something Like It'.

Madonna has done the Marilyn look many times throughout her career:

And, I can’t forget one of my favourite music videos ever (inspired, at least in part by “Gentlemen prefer Blondes”:

Madonna’s “Material Girl”

Scarlett Johansson channels Marilyn Monroe frequently on the red carpet:

Charlize Theron

There is a current film out, “My Week With Marilyn” starring Michelle Williams, for which she just won a Golden Globe award as Best Actress.

Pixiwoo Marilyn Monroe make-up tutorial:

Vintage 1950s Hair tutorial by Cherry Dollface on Youtube:

There can be no question that Marilyn Monroe, the style legend and icon that she has become, will continue to have a huge impact on pop culture and fashion.