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About me:  I am a self-professed beauty addict and spend probably too much time reading and researching beauty trends and tutorials, so you can expect to see fashion and beauty commentary once I get acquainted with things.  I love all things beauty related and am obsessed with learning new ways to style hair, beauty products and make-up techniques, though I have no formal training in any of it!  I have spent a weekend afternoon (or several) watching YouTube tutorials – love you, Pixiwoo!! – and searching for retro style guides.  I have even managed to convince some of my closest friends to watch them with me for entertainment and education!

As a result of trying to curb a shopping habit (let’s not discuss yet the contents of my make-up case), I developed a bit of a magazine addiction.  I love them (InStyle magazine is a particular favourite) and can’t seem to help myself, in spite of the fact that I am always frustrated that I can flip through one far too quickly and usually discover that the articles I was excited about didn’t provide me with any new information.  Yes, it’s true, you can probably find the same information somewhere online but the format and the art of the fashion shoot, etc. always sucks me in.  I even love the ads because they demonstrate current trends and I often find them inspiring when I am in the mood to make jewelry.  That said, my spending $6-7 per magazine adds up just as quickly as my spending money at the make-up counter, so I am trying to wean myself off of the magazine purchases.  I still like to look at them at the check out though!  Those editors know what they are doing with their tricksy covers to compel buyers!!

On a serious note, life has me in a bit of a transition in the last few months, broken-hearted and soon to be laid off (2011 was not the best year for me) but I have every intention of putting a positive spin on things and moving forward, though I may write about the trials and tribulations of it all.  I will have to find a new job and a place to live so I am very much starting over, which is scary but also a big adventure.  At this point in my life, with all of my sense of loss and exile from my old life, I have discovered that there are at least two things (other than my wonderful and supportive family and friends, of course) that make me happy:  writing and beauty/fashion so I thought that it might be good therapy to combine them.  My goal is to utilize my research skills in a productive way, creating my own how to guides and providing links to my favourites.  We will see how things go!  Plus, it’s awards season in Hollywood and that means lots of beauty and fashion talk…